Run up to the first retrial

Supporters of those facing the retrials due to start next week (13.05) have been busy this week reminding people just what a scandal these proceedings are.

In a ‘bloody’ protest against the retrials, activists reconstructed instances were wounds and injuries have been inflicted on activists participating in peaceful protests against animal cruelty. Many of these incidents saw the activists being hospitalised, but none of them have resulted in any prosecution of those animal abusers inflicting the injuries. In contrast, activists will go on trial next week charged with coercion for announcing demonstrations in front of a shop selling fur.

Examples include song-bird hunters breaking an activist’s arm, a conservative agricultural minister punching an activist in the face and circus workers attacking activists who were distributing leaflets outside the circus with iron bars.


Often these injuries are a result of activists exposing  illegal abuse of animals where the the state has repeatedly refused to press charges and failed to execute and enforce the law.

The retelling of these stories serves to show how unjust the state’s treatment of activists is in contrast to those in the business of using animals.

This week also saw a press conference take place where the defendants and their lawyers outlined the events that led up to the currents situation and were able to answer questions from the press.



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