New Wave of Self Indictments – Add your Voice

In the run up to the retrial of 5 people from the first animal protection trial on charges of criminal coercion, the prosecution office dropped 3000 cases of self indictments from individuals pointing out that they too, had carried out the same actions as the 5 due to stand trial. The prosecution claimed that the self indictments were not meant seriously. Now, there is a new wave of self indictments.

This week, individuals have started sending letters to fur selling clothing company Sports Eybl with exactly the same wording as the emails originally sent to notify another company of a campaign against them should they decide not to opt out of the fur trade. In addition they are sending a letter to the state prosecutor drawing attention to the fact that the circumstances are the same and asking for the legality of their actions to be assessed.

One of the first people to send off their self indictment had the following to say:

“I’m writing to Eybl to inform them about a campaign against them unless they stop selling fur because there’s no place for fur in a country which has animal protection in its constitution. There is no such thing as humane fur. These kind of campaigns are run by NGOs all over the world. How should consumers exercise their right to choose what to buy unless they have access to information about products? Companies are not going to show customers how animals are kept and killed for their fur so it’s up to pressure groups to use their civil rights to run awareness raising campaigns. Its only fair to contact companies first to give them the option to change their fur policy up front.
I’m informing the prosecutor’s office about my letter because this is no more or less than the people facing trial have done. How can it be illegal to notify a company that you are going to do something that is perfectly legal?  Either they put all of us on trial or none of us.”

The letter to sports Eybl and the self indictment letter to the prosecution can be found in English at:


7 thoughts on “New Wave of Self Indictments – Add your Voice

  1. Shame on those who hang furs. They are murders. Shame on those who grow animals in order to kill them and rob their fur. They are sadists, worst than nazists during the war. Nothing force them to act like this.

  2. Hi,

    First of all sorry it my written English isn’t flawless, I’m from France and we French people aren’t famous for our foreign language skills !

    I’ve just found out this website and about the second trial beginning this month.
    We’re on the 20th of April now. Has the second trial begun ?

    Is participating in the second self-indictment campaign still useful ? Because I’ve just discovered it and read it was launch in February, two months ago so.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    And above all thanks for yours doings for animals.


    1. Hi, The 2nd trial hasn’t started yet. We expect to hear soon. It would be great if you still wanted to sign a self indictment. Thank you very much : )

  3. Thanks Paula for the answer.
    I’ll spread the word about self indictements needed.

    Is there a way for being notified when new articles will be posted here ? I can’t find it on the website.

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